EL Natrualista  is currently working to create an unbreakable link between the beauty and the environment in order to respond the consumer and changing market demands while always conscious of the needs of our planet.

Nowadays, we base our research on the Natural and Ecological ingredients development, being the first spanish laboratory to obtain the ECOCERT® Certification: the authorization to manufacture these type of cosmetics in a strictly controlled way.

We have great expectations for the future and for carry out a Natural and Ecological cosmetics production based on ingredients from natural sources. We give priority to ecological agriculture making the most of our planet’s resources while also conserving them.



The parameters required by the standards for Natural and Ecological cosmetics are applied in all necessary development and production processes.

95% of ingredients must be natural or of natural origin.

5% of total ingredients of a Natural Cosmetic and 10% of an Ecological Cosmetic must be sourced from organic farming.

The procedures for obtaining these ingredients must respect the environment, so they must be on the authorized list from ECOCERT®, the certifying body for Natural and Ecological products.

Ecological cosmetics do not contain: parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic perfumes, silicones, carbomers, essential oils or synthetic dyes.



Natural and Ecological cosmetics are formulated with essential and vegetable oils, floral waters and botanical extracts that haven't been treated by harmful chemicals and synthetic substances.

The methods of cultivation of these ingredients are strictly regulated in order to respect and protect the environment. Organic farming doesn't use chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms.

We verify and periodically review all parameters alongside the certifying body ECOCERT®.