Our History

EL Naturalista was founded in 1969. Founder Alfonso Higon, a doctor of naturopathic, nutritional, molecular medicine and dermatology, began this mission more than 50 years ago, giving birth to today's El Naturalista brand, based on molecular biology concepts, focused on the research and application of high-tech extraction, purification and fermentation techniques, By applying it to professional theater level skin care products, El Naturalista, a system solution of functional skin care, vegetable makeup and natural health and nutrition food, was born and sold in pharmacies and professional salons all over Spain.

Our pioneering spirit is defined by Science, Art and Beauty and these are our essential and vocational pillars.  Therefore, we understand the world of beauty as a means of expression, as unique as the personhood of every human being or as the secret of our product.

Development history

  • 1969
    Alfonso Higon founded EL Naturalista Headquarter in Barcelona.
  • 1980
    The Armonia Laboratory was set up in Zaragoza, Spain, to customize highly active skin care products for Salons. Collecting many skin test samples were collected and establishing our own efficacy skin care formula system
  • 1990
    The Armonia Laboratory was acquired by Eiralabs group and support Eiralabs subsidiary Rofersam S.A. for EL Naturalista cosmetics line developing together.
  • 2000
    EL Naturalista creat Camaleon collection focus on Beauty Salon.
  • 2010
    EL Natrualista extend its business to Make ups and Beauty Healthy. Collection Mukluks and Lady Plus thus were born.
  • 2020
    EL Naturalista bulit up a Bio-collection Eiralabs especially for Men Beauty.